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Once again, for the fifth year, International Living has named Ecuador Number One in their index. Read the full story here.

Ecuador Named Leading Travel Hot Spot in ‘Tourism Oscars’
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Dan Prescher, Senior Editor for International Living

The Truth About What It Really Costs To Live Abroad

My wife, Suzan, and I hear from a lot of people asking about the actual cost of retiring and living overseas.

After almost 15 years of doing that ourselves, we can honestly answer, “As much or as little as you want.”



Three years ago today, I moved to Ecuador as a divorced mother with five dependents. I’d been to South America before, just not Ecuador. I read posts by expats who sanctimoniously declared: “If you can’t afford to come visit first, you can’t afford to move.”



Ecuador has so much to offer. From the number of bird species unique to the country to the incredibly diverse cultures, some still speaking the language of the Incas, all living in harmony, plus the four unique geological areas of the country, Ecuador offers a diverse range of activities to the adventurer, the casual tourist and the pensioner. Pick your climate. Pick your area. Pick your activity, from mountain biking in the Andes to surfing the many beaches. Visit the Galapagos islands, a World Heritage site, or tour the many churches in cities like Cuenca and Quito. There’s something for everyone in Ecuador.

EcuadorInternational Living correspondent Suzan Haskins takes us through her thoughts on Ecuador as a potential new home overseas for US expats. Posted by International Living on Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ecuador Potencia Turística

“Ecuador is not for everybody,” is an understatement.
Actually, Ecuador is not for most.I love it here, many others do too, but it’s a big change from the conveniences of North American Walmart-land.

Don’t move to Ecuador if you couldn’t live without hunting.  I grew up hunting pheasant and rabbit in Northeast Ohio. It was a great excuse to be outside with friends and family in one of the nicest times of the year in that area, fall. But I don’t miss it.  I can live without it.  In Ecuador guns are illegal and unless you get in with the right tribes in the Amazon, your chances of game hunting in Ecuador are slim (its generally illegal).

Don’t move to Ecuador if you’re an avid golfer.  Some of my fondest memories in High School were of golf outings with friends, but then I went to college and I just didn’t have the opportunity and then I moved abroad shortly after and have had even less opportunity.  But I don’t miss it. No big deal for me.  Not much golf in Ecuador, the few courses there are down here are private meaning you MUST know a member to play.

Don’t move to Ecuador if you are a snow skier.  I’m a skier, since I was 3 years old actually, but I’ve skied so much in my life already I’m good.

Don’t move to Ecuador if you’re a jogger.  Try jogging in the street of Ecuador, go ahead, i dare you.  Within minutes you will be charged by street dogs or twist an ankle on uneven sidewalks.  It’s just not very doable.  Treadmills are the norm.

Don’t move to Ecuador if you are a light-sleeper.  Between the car alarms, roosters, dogs and spontaneous parties thrown by neighbors and the unwillingness of the police to help.  It’s just not a good place for a sound sleep unless you are NOT a light sleeper (like me) or you put a lot of acreage between you and the locals or find the right respectful condo building.

Don’t move to Ecuador if you are a die-hard scuba-diver.  Besides the Galapagos, there’s better places for divers.

Don’t move to Ecuador if you are single and you like tall blonds (male or female), the Ecuador prototype is different.

Don’t move to Ecuador if you’re a car lover.  Due to the import restrictions there is very little variety of vehicles in Ecuador and a lot of the classics are simply not found here.

Don’t move to Ecuador if you are super tall.  This place is just not built for you.n  I’m not tall, at 5 ft 6 I’m the perfect Ecuador height.  But it has occurred to me many times if I were taller I would be hitting my head all the time.

Don’t move to Ecuador if you need a job.  It’s not a good place to find a job,  and if you did find one they don’t pay much here.  It’s much better for entrepreneurs.

Ecuador Fights for Survival – Against its Elites

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Ecuador sets reforestation record

President Correa Interview with Charlie Rose

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Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano eruptsEcuador’s Tungurahua volcano erupts, March 2, 2016 | #Geology #GeologyPage #EcuadorEcuador’s Tungurahua volcano erupted on Wednesday (March 2, 2016), spewing smoke and ash high into the air in several fiery explosions. Volcanologists began registering increased activity at Tungurahua on February 27 and noted the tremors and eruptions intensified in ensuing days. The Secretariat of Risk Management issued an orange alert at that point. The volcano was shrouded in clouds for most of the week, but volcanologists said the ash column above the volcano at one point reached some 4,000 meters (13,123 feet) high.Video provided by ReutersGeology

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Cost of Living in Ecuador

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